The 10 Points Of PanMedia

The 10 Points Of PanMedia

There are two types of thinking: problem creator and problem solver

At a media agency, there are dozens of problems to be solved every day. We at PanMedia are sworn to handle these problems fast and efficiently. We do not procrastinate, and do not wait for others. We, as a media agency, do not want to create further problems! We train our team members in a way that they have a solution-oriented approach and motivation from the get-go. Because we believe that the purpose of a good media agency is to solve problems, not to create them.

PanMedia: we solve problems

“Life is too short not to love what you do.” (Ray Kroc, former co-owner of McDonald’s)

We strive to be good at what we do. And we firmly believe that you can’t do something well unless you enjoy it. The work of a media agency is rather complex; we encounter many types of problems, colourful stories and exciting people on a daily basis. And we love this! We love getting insight about the different problems of different sectors and partners. And we enjoy finding solutions to these problems more than anything!

PanMedia: a place we enjoy to come every morning

“Humility and learning go hand in hand.” (Viktor Horváth, writer, literary translator)

A high level of precision and exactness is required from those who want to do their work well at a media agency. And they also need to be humble and conscientious! Those who don’t treat research data and measurements with humility and are not keen on doing detailed, meticulous calculations shouldn’t even consider working at a media agency.

PanMedia: we treat numbers with respect

Motto #1: “Learn, learn and learn some more!”

If you work at a media agency, you learn new things every day. First, because the media industry changes quite fast, and second, because the markets of our clients are also fast-paced and full of new processes. The database and knowledge base of our international network, IPG New York include thousands of facts, studies and research data in connection with these changes. We keep a close watch on these databases, as we like to stay at the top of our game, and extract knowledge from the place where it’s most concentrated.

PanMedia: we strive for knowledge

I’d like to work with PanMedia, too.

Motto #2: “Teach, teach and teach some more!”

We have been developing PanMedia as a media agency that likes to share its knowledge with others from the beginning. We are happy to provide training to our partners and clients, partly out of selfish interest. What we mean by that is that our work gets a great deal easier if our partners are able to fully understand our professional suggestions and recommendations, and think the same way about the questions pertaining to “why” and “how”. For this reason, PanMedia runs an extensive, continuous training programme that covers topics outside of the media agency field in a strict sense. The selection of our training programme includes topics that are not directly connected to the issues that media agencies deal with, such as branding, market and media research, creative positioning, consumer decision-making and the challenges of marketing-communication in the modern age, with special focus on digitalization.

PanMedia: The knowledge guru

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield!” (Warren Buffet)

PanMedia is one of the oldest media agencies in Hungary and in the whole region. We continuously build our databases, therefore the data in our extensive knowledge base go back to the 1990s. Everything about media, consumers and market processes can be found in this databank, which enables us to research and retrieve information when a client presents us with an especially challenging task.

PanMedia: The data source

Our own research and software

As we know, the sun doesn’t come up because the little rooster crows, but sometimes we do make some noise to draw our partners’ and the whole industry’s attention to new phenomena. Examples to this include our research from around 2000 in which we examined ad avoidance (Ad-avoider®); our research measuring digital maturity in Hungary since 2007 (Digi-track®); our research studying always available consumers since 2014 (AlwaysON®) and our system named PanMedia TouchPointScore® which has been analysing the decision-making touchpoints of consumers since 2019. Our research and software are available to our clients free of charge, and we are happy to transmit data to our professional partners as well.

PanMedia: The analyst

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” (Warren Buffet)

As a result of the strict regulations of the Hungarian law on advertising, every media agency has to work for the same amount of commission in Hungary. Those who want to enter the race can do so by providing high quality service and added value. It is our hope that we, at PanMedia are quite good at this! We have been developing our media agency in a way that we can react fast, pay attention to detail and provide perfect professional experience from the very beginning. Our clients can be sure to get customised services and a first-class experience.

PanMedia: The boutique agency

I’d like to work with PanMedia, too.


In 2001, we founded Magna Global Hungary Kft. with our partner agencies. The company has been one of the leading purchasing associations in Hungary in the field of media buying ever since. Clients of PanMedia can therefore expect to get the best prices and purchasing conditions from their very first order. Although we cannot compete in terms of agency commission due to regulations, we are rather competitive when it comes to purchasing price! See it for yourself!

PanMedia: The competitive one


That’s right: in all caps. PanMedia is a medium-size media agency when it comes to size. However, as the gigantic Magna has our back, we have the luxury of working as a refined workshop. Where we work shoulder to shoulder, but each team member is equally important to achieve success together. Not a tiny cog in the machine, but a valuable family member!

PanMedia: we are one


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