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Media planning

We are a media agency with more than 20 years of experience. All of the Hungarian media research databases and software is at our disposal. We have access to state-of-the-art international knowledge databases and data resources. We are proud of our numerous research projects and exclusive developments.

Offline campaigns

We have a rich history of planning and buying TV campaigns. The same goes for radio, press, outdoor, ambient, indoor and cinema advertising. We pay attention to details and our media agency always presents recommendations based on actual data.

Online campaigns

Our experts handle classic display campaigns, PPC activities (Google, Facebook, Etarget, Bing, etc.) and programmatic campaigns with confidence. Our agency has created successful image and conversion campaigns alike.

Our offers for SMEs

“Small Is Beautiful” – we like challenges, for example projects for which we have to create successful communication using a small budget. Our acquaintances and friends often believe that they are “too small for us”. Please, let us decide about that!


PanMedia has one of the longest professional histories among Hungarian media agencies – we have been market players since 1995. On an international level, we are part of Interpublic Group (IPG, New York), which is the third largest network of agencies in the world. In Hungary, PanMedia has a 33.3% share in Magna Global Hungary Kft., one of the biggest media buying organisations of the country, which operates as the joint purchasing association of IPG agencies.


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