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(research about ad avoidance) PanMedia – as a pioneer in the Hungarian market – began measuring changes in ad consumption habits in 2000. We studied the patterns of ad avoidance on a 16-thousand sample per year. The research entitled Ad-avoider® explains how ad avoiders can be approached by strategical means and through the tactical planning of campaigns, using secondary optimalisation. Since then, it has been proven that ad avoiders are rather important, as they consume more of everything – except of ads!


(measurement of digital maturity) PanMedia launched its analysis measuring the Hungarian population’s digital maturity in the first half of 2006, and repeated in every year since then. Digi-track® provides useful insight about the appropriate ratio of offline and online campaigns to achieve an optimal media strategy. Statistically, the research done by our media agency can be described as a multi-stage, rule-based segmentation. It is based on the similar segmentation series of ESOMAR conducted in 12 countries. Data relating to Hungary have been provided by the Millward Brown database.

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(research about „always available” consumers)
The research entitled AlwaysON® is the exclusive research of PanMedia and PM Digital done in Hungary. It focuses on consumers who – although they use different devices in different locations – are continuously online. Since 2014, we have been updating our database with the help of the Millward Brown research firm, using the data collected from 14,000 subjects. The qualitative part of the research was also done by Millward Brown in the framework of an online, moderated “focus group” made up of the members of the target audience. The segmentation method of the AlwaysON® research was first used by Forrester Research, Inc.


(consumer decision-making process management) PanMedia’s TouchPointScore® system is a professional touchpoint management tool complete with software support. It takes into account the touchpoints relevant to consumers during each stage of the consumer decision journey, and then weights them according to their importance. It can be used to optimalise the complete system of marketing-communication. In a manner similar to a menu, it offers the touchpoints most important for the consumers of certain brands, products or services, and helps brand owners optimalise their resources required to cover these, potentially involving budget planning as well.

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