More than just a media agency

Strategy and media planning

  • Annual media strategy (once a year)
  • Consumer profile analysis (at least once a year or more if needed)
  • Online- and offline media planning and optimization (campaign by campaign)
  • Post-buy analysis (campaign by campaign)
  • Monthly report on competitive media spending (monthly)
  • Analysis of competitive media activity (quarterly)
  • Media landscape analysis (once or twice a year)
  • Monitoring of competitive ad- and brand-awareness (on demand*)
  • Worldwide trends, analyses, case studies (on a need basis)

Media buying and campaign management

  • Advertising intermediation services (according to Act XLVIII of 2008)
  • Handling of the annual media budget
  • Updated status report on client expenditures in excel format (monthly)
  • Online and offline media buying (campaign by campaign)
  • Campaign monitoring and ongoing fulfillment check (campaign by campaign)
  • Controlling of vendor invoices (campaign by campaign)
  • Personalized invoicing method based on the client’s need (frequency, splitting, etc.)
  • Key sample, photo monitoring, ad-server reports etc. (campaign by campaign)
  • E-invoicing (on a need basis)

Online media services

  • Online marketing consultancy
  • Online marketing strategy (display, PPC, social, programmatic, e-commerce)
  • Display campaign management – planning, buying
  • Online PR campaign management – planning, buying
  • PPC campaign (Google search and display, Bing, Etarget, etc.) management – planning, buying
  • Ad server service, measurements, reports
  • Data mining, data-analysis, consumer segmentation
  • RTB and programmatic trade projects
  • SEO consultancy, website optimization
  • Creative execution and development (HTML5, banner, microsite)
  • Social media management
  • Google Tag Management (GTM)
  • Google Analytics implementation, reporting, other advanced settings
  • Heatmap-based analysis, optimization of consumers journey/funnel
  • Personalized data visualization based on client’s need

Optional databases and software for client’s use

  • Analysis from TGI database
  • Analysis from Ad-avoider® database
  • Analysis from Digi-track® database
  • Analysis from Always ON® database
  • Touch Point Score® for omnichanel type of marketing
  • Analysis from creative database of the Hungarian TV, radio, print, OOH and Internet market (updated daily – on demand*)
  • Analysis from the entire Hungarian media market database (updated monthly)
  • Our network databases (case studies, strategies, international creative databases etc.*)

I’d like to work with PanMedia, too.

Other on-demand services

  • Development of creative media tools from the idea till execution
  • Professional trainings, media days, open university
  • Managing of special media contracts, sponsor offers etc.
  • Evaluation and documentation of media offers addressed to the client
  • Preparing and managing ad-hoc researches*
  • 24/7 duty in featured campaign periods*
  • International campaign coordination (if needed)
  • WOM (word of mouth) campaigns* (if needed)

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